Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wednesday 10th July 2013

Today I felt much better, just as well as I was slushy today and in for a big day.

After dinner it was the people’s night, and it’s become so popular we had a full house. Cliff showed us his diving photos at Julian rocks in NSW, I showed my short Ayers rock video that Sarah made and Luc’s showed a movie on alternative energy.

For those interested, here is the kitchen at Mawson station.


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  2. Hi Craig
    I'm another of those unknowns who enjoys reading your blog, and you always seem to have something different to add. I particularly enjoyed your story of last weeks trip to Mt Henderson and surrounds, plus the inside of the hut (it complimented nicely the story from the Icy News a few weeks back) and how conditions were so hostile while travelling in the Hagg. Hope your headaches are now are thing of the past. Your stories about the old station buildings are also good: I recently read the book 'The Far South' by John Bechervaise written in 1960 from when he was at Mawson, so it is interesting to see your take on the station buildings and people who were there. Keep it coming! Cheers
    Peter St.

  3. oh my god ! mawson kitchen got thermomix !!!!!
    thats easy cooking on that !
    saw soya sauce - kecup manis for sizzling beef

  4. Hi Peter
    Glad you like my blog and it’s nice to get some feedback. Feeling fine now, still don't know what the problem was?
    'The Far South' by John Bechervaise written in 1960 is a book I must read as I really like to compare the old and the new as I have so much respect for those tough men back then.



  5. That is a ripper of a kitchen Craig. 2 Combi steamers l am green with envy. All looks very spic and span must have been the kitchenhand for the day. Keep up the good blogs. Watch yourself l want to be on the pier to welcome you home fit and well.