Monday, 18 November 2013

Monday 18th November 2013

This morning I made a new operation and phone number list for the BGAN emergency satellite phone. I also typed out my geo-mag notes once again making a few more changes here and there and then attended the weekly meeting.

John the artist’s sea container broke its anchor and blew away in Sunday’s big blizzard and it was found smashed to bits on an Island about three kilometres away. After lunch I fixed the back door TIRIS Gate controller from Bechervaise Island and then I finished the modification to the fluxgate compass on the geo-mag theodolite. At ten o’clock I went down to the shack as I had a sked on 40m with VK7JJJ and I also worked heaps of EU stations as well. It's nice to have VK0JJJ fully operational once again after all these months of dramma.

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  1. Was great to finally get a sked in on 40m Craig. Must have been the alignment of your whiskers that made the difference with the Flex5000, Styeve (VK3MEG) is still chirping away at working you that morning.

    Will see how 17/12 and possibly 10 will go over the next few weeks.

    Cheers from the highlands of Tasmania.