Monday, 4 November 2013

Monday 4th November 2013

Today my monthly report was due so I stayed in my room until I had it completed coming out only to do the ARPANSA filter change and for the weekly meeting. Later in the afternoon I took Chris for a drive over to Bechervaise Island to change the back door TIRIS computer but the one I replaced it with also failed to boot up so I’ll have to fire it up on the bench and see what’s going wrong with it.

After having no luck with the TIRIS computer I went over to the Adélie penguins now numbering over three thousand and watched them stealing rocks from one and other, having sex and fighting each other and it occurred to me we humans haven't really evolved that much at all. I set up my movie camera and sat back and took quite a few stills. Penguins will keep you entertained for hours as they can be so funny to watch. By now it was well after five so we packed up and headed back to station.

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  1. l just love the Penguin photos Craig l think they are my favourites. Mum.x