Monday, 24 June 2013

Monday 24th June 2013

Today the sixty knot blizzard was still raging outside so I decided to spend the whole day in the ARPANSA building cleaning up all the wiring, sorting out all the spare parts, making an inventory of all the spares and cleaning out all the rubbish and other items not required in there. These two tasks have been on my list to do since I got here and it will be nice to cross them off; besides that all those messy cables have been hurting my eyes every time I walk in.

I spent about five hours up a ladder looming and segregating all the cables in the cable basket and as you can see it looks a lot better now. I have quite a lot of gear and rubbish in a large pile to either throw out or place into the green store and I will print out some labels to put on the boxes of spare parts to make it easy to find things. That's another building done. By the time I finished I was exhausted and yawning while eating my dinner, so I decided to get an early night as I am slushy tomorrow.



Much better

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