Saturday, 8 June 2013

Saturday 8th June 2013

Last night I suffered from polar insomnia and I layed awake all night. In the morning I slept in, waking up with some one vacuum cleaning outside my room which really annoyed me. I couldn't work out why my alarm clock failed to go off but any way I sprung out of bed and had a shower and then did the ARPANSA filter change and then came back to the red shed for a bite to eat. I thought it was Friday but apparently it was Saturday? What pissed me off was I missed out on my sleep in.

Any way it was a beautiful day with no wind and I went down to the operations building to search for the two missing disks and ended up cleaning out the whole server room. My god was that room a mess. I threw out so much crap and empty cardboard boxes.

I ended up finding the missing disks in a box on Chris’s desk. What a hero I was. (just for one day) Later I went down to the shack as I had a sked with my good mate Don. I could receive him fine but he had trouble receiving me due to the high noise at his place so after a while we gave it away. My amplifier was working so I ended up working a heap of stations on 10m in Europe. Tonight after a lovely roast duck and fish dinner we had a wine tasting night which was great fun and we all got pissed too. After we kicked on at Klub Katabatic and had a great time chatting and laughing. Late in the night I made supper for the troops with my now famous toasted ham and cheese toasties. (Wish we had tomatoes)

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  1. Famous for ham and cheese toesties ? I am glad they enjoyed it