Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunday 9th June 2013

Today I had a magnificent sleep in. I rolled out of bed and answered a few emails and read the news. Later I had a shower and strolled out for a bit of brunch. I was hanging out for a bit of last nights duck but fat chance of that it was long gone. So I had to turn to plan B and I hacked up an old chickens leg and found a half stale bread roll and nicked some mozzarella cheese and made the most magnificent hot chicken roll. Man it was good, but just thinking back now I FORGOT THE BLOODY GRAVY. Dam.

Talking about gravy, Chris has taken a fetish to the stuff and I made him a cuppa on Friday, he was so excited till he found out it was gravy. I caught him lapping up a bowl of the stuff today at lunch. Strange things are happening. Moral seems to be at an all time high at the moment, maybe because we are only weeks away from mid winters day. Talking of mid winters day, I'm still waiting on some of the RSVP's.

I took the usual stroll down to the shack in the late afternoon and for a change it was a howling blizzard outside. I took the long way via the sea ice and for a while I lied on the sea ice and watched the bliz blowing out over the sea ice. I was thinking this view has not changed for hundreds, maybe thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years. Eventually my arse got cold so I high tailed it over to the transmitter building. My amplifier decided to work and a had a nice chat to a guy in Darwin and a few blokes in the USA then my amplifier started playing up so I decided to give it away. I must try and see if I can order a new tube and get it sent down on the first flight in.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening catching up on my Blog. It's nearly nine o'clock so I think I will go and scrounge up some scraps for dinner and see where everybody is.

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