Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday 30th June 2013

11am and still dark outside. I had organised a quad trip to Welsh Island but Keldyn was taking the Hag to Hendo with John, Peter C and the doc, so I had to stay back to run the fire team. It was a very dark and overcast day any way.

Late in the afternoon I was getting cabin fever so I decided to go for another walk. This time I walked over to an unnamed Island between Hump and Teyssier Islands where I saw something on top of it yesterday. On the way I walked over Hump Island and saw lots of old tower and radio antenna tie down points from the past. On top of the unnamed Island was an old stone cairn. I added a few more rocks and then headed off towards Teyssier Island and then Lee Island but it was getting too dark to take photos so I headed back over to Entrance Island where I climbed up and found another stone cairn which I added a few more rocks.

This Island was due downwind from Mawson and there was a bit of wood wedged into rocks and cracks probably from the days when rubbish was placed onto the sea ice and set on fire with the wind blowing the remains away. I was hoping to check out a seal hole I saw a few weeks ago but it was getting too dark so I headed across the bay to west arm. Crossing the tide cracks in the dark was a bit dodgy as they can be a jumbled mess with large cracks and sea water pushing up on high tides.

It was too dark to traverse west arm so I stayed in the harbour and walked back to the station getting home with the usual facial encrusted snotstickles and my rabbit hat frozen to my head. It was a nice walk and good exercise. I really need a field trip as I’m getting cabin fever. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing my laundry and getting my Blog up to date.

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