Thursday, 27 June 2013

Thursday 27th June 2013

This morning I reprogrammed the three Hag GPS units to include Colbec and Auster routes. It was bloody cold outside as the temperature has dropped back down to minus twenty. After this I went down to the Biscoe hut taking all the new wifi equipment and packed up the TV and video conference unit, then I installed wifi in the Biscoe hut. Yes the old original Biscoe hut has finally come of age with both video conference and wifi all in the one week.

I also installed wifi in the mechanical workshop and the chippies workshop. After work I once again had a nice spa. After dinner the foreign movie for this week was “The piano”, not a bad movie although some one said that was the last movie Kirk Cobain watched before killing himself. Swift & Shift came later and as usual we laughed our eye balls out.

The Biscoe hut has the sloped roof

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