Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Wednesday 5th June 2013

Another fine day so I decided to set my camera up to film a time laps of the sun moving around the horizon. It stopped working after 6 hours and you could see the reflection through the window so I will try again filming outside from the cosmic ray building as that has the best view over the whole station.

Today I finished refurbishing the tide gauge equipment and writing a new manual so once all this extra work resurrecting the server from the dead is behind us, the first fine day I might go out on the sea ice and start drilling holes to see if I can find it. It’s going to be very difficult as it’s about twenty meters from shore in about eight meters of water and the sea ice above it is about one meter thick. Last year they had no success finding it so the pressure is on this year to retrieve all the data before it is lost. The tide keeping at Mawson station is the longest continuing record of tides in Antarctica so this could be my chance of becoming a hero. (But just for one day)

After work I took a stroll down to the shack but there was a total HF black out due to the high Auroral activity due to a recent coronal mass ejection from the sun. My advice is to put your lead suit on and stay indoors.

This is as high as the sun gets up these days. Taken around midday

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