Saturday, 1 June 2013

Saturday 1st June 2013

Slept in till late then got up to see how the boys in Kingston are going rebuilding our server and raid array. There was not a lot I could do to help them so I spent the day rebuilding the tide gauge transducer assembly. This is a long pole that gets lowered through a hole drilled into the sea ice which has at one end a light, camera and a transformer that has to be placed over the transformer on the tide gauge sitting on the sea bed to down load the past years tidal data. I plan to attempt this next week but it’s going to be a real challenge just to find the damb thing under nearly a meter of ice.

I went for a wander down to the radio shack and had a tune around, but there was a radio black out due to some current solar activity so I gave it a miss and went back to the work shop. I kept looking up at the clock thinking I have plenty of time as it’s only ten past four, then I realised the clock had stopped and it was quarter past six. So I raced back up to the red shed and had a quick shower before dinner. It was a really quiet night and I sat up with Darron, Pepie and Peter C.

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