Monday, 3 June 2013

Monday 3rd June 2013

Another beautiful day at Mawson with no wind once again. Today was spent helping the guys in Kingston rebuild our severs. Our Internet has been down and many applications we use on a daily basis have been down since last Wednesday. I also spent time working on the tide gauge equipment. After smoko I vacuumed the whole red shed and managed to pull the cord out of the vacuum cleaner, so then I had to fix that as well.

After lunch Keldyn came down to the transmitter building with me and he took a few photos of me and my radio equipment for the Aurora magazine story. While there I had a listen around and conditions seemed quite good so I made quite a few contacts. After dinner I managed to get an Internet connection so I did a bit of work on my blog. We had kebab’s for dinner which was a nice change.
No Sarah, I don't think I look like that guy out of "The Hangover" movie



  1. HI Craig,
    thanks a lot of your recent post about Macey Hut, so it looks like the datas we have on WAP WADA Directory reflect the status of that Refuge Hut which still remains a brand "New One" for the Antarctic Hunters.
    Haven't heard you this morning on 20 mts, but still monitoring the bands hoping to have you in the log one day or another.
    Kindesr Regards from Italy, take care
    Gianni I1HYW

  2. I am glad you recognized photo that sarah did , I think far more worse than hangover movie !
    you are growing hair everywhere ONLY not in right spot :)

  3. It's offical, Craig you have let yourself go while up there!

    1. You mean down there !!
      I feel like a castaway or a homeless bum
      I've grown a great comb-over and a mullet :)

  4. HI Craig, TNX for 10 mts QSO at 11:35 on 28490, thanks for yoyr patience.
    Have a great time down there, Ciao from Italy
    Gianni I1HYW

  5. everyone here at landsdale laughing with your latest photos , look like hangover movie guy - from hanan, paul , julie , matt , andrew
    ground keeper willy from rod sully
    we having a very good laugh HA HA HA HA HA HA

  6. paul said your overal were left over from 1980 clothing issue