Friday, 28 June 2013

Friday 28th June 2013

Well, today was my birthday so I slept in till late. After a bit of a chomp I went for a long walk all around the station taking it all in. For a while I sat out on West arm ice sheet and listened to the ice cliffs cracking and groaning, it's a sound you will never forget.

The ice is alive and it's great to sit and listen to it moving; that is unless you are up near an ice wall then it's a sound that makes you shit yourself. When I came back to the station I went for a slow look around in all the old station buildings to suck up a bit of history. In one of them I found an old 30-30 bulled casing.

As Justin the Chef was away down at Tailor rookery with Peter L, Jeremy, Cliff and Darron; Keldyn decided to be the cook and cooked up Japanese with miso soup and sushi and some other stuff, what a fine job he did. After dinner the remaining crew sang happy birthday and presented me with a cake Justin made before he left.

We washed down dinner with some of Cookie's 1000 year old whisky, gold leaf Vodka and black Sambooka shots then later we watched "Meet the Fockers" and after that talked shit till late into the night.

Found a tie down from the 1960 Dakota aircraft

Hope the waters hot
So hard to keep the bliz out

My birthday cake


  1. l just guessed it would have to be a radio antenna or mast. hope you enjoyed the cake and the "Birthday".Mum.xx

  2. Very symbolic Craig; the guys have you pegged mate :)

  3. Happy Birthday babe x x x
    the cake ..... why have to have a box surrounding it ??? maybe need more effort than that !!!! stock must be running low !
    never mind as long as you blew that candles thats the main thing .
    did you enjoy your present??