Monday, 10 June 2013

Monday 10th June 2013

Today I woke when the alarm went off and moaned and groaned for about half an hour about getting up and then I remembered it was a public holiday. Yippy, so back to sleep I went. When I finally got up I went through my emails and read the news. Eventually I got my butt into gear and had a shower and staggered out to the mess for some scraps for brunch. As I walked in at precisely twelve o’clock the sun had just popped its head over the horizon and it was a huge orange fire ball and a magnificent site. I ran back to my room and grabbed my camera and snapped off a few photos and then I grabbed my Contour and headed off up the hill to Cos-ray to setup a time laps shoot.

The sun at 12:30

When I came back down I messed about for about half an hour making another magnificent hot chicken roll with mozzarella cheese and gravy, the whole time coping shit from Keldyn. I sat down and took a hot juicy bite and it tasted so good, then Keldyn sits down and starts stuffing himself with the duck from Saturday night. I was speechless, the little bugger must have stashed it..........Doh !!

The wind had dropped off by this time and it was dark and grey outside and not very inviting but I took a stroll down to the shack any way to check things out. I had only just logged on when I was asked by a guy in Darwin to try a moon bounce, so I said why not and went out and setup my antenna. We gave it a go for about an hour without any success so we gave it away. The bands were pretty much dead and my amplifier was refusing to work so after a while I decided to give it away and go back and collect my camera as it was now completely dark. We are down to only 2 hours of sun light a day now.
My mission tonight is to remote connecting from my bedroom PC to my radio PC down in the transmitter building and to be able to operate digital modes from my room. Got to be good for bad bliz days, how hard could it be?

Tried to remote access the transmitter building PC and couldn't remember the computer name, so I got dressed and walked all the way down there to find out. Went back to my room to try again and this time it said remote access not enabled on remote PC.....Doh. Going to bed now.


  1. Nothibg is really hard for you if you set mind to it just don't break anything in between room to transmitter !

  2. You have public holidays up there!

  3. That old chestnut!! How hard could it be....

    Along the lines of famous other technical quotes;
    "Should just be a simple 10 minute change!"
    "It's the same type, just swap the drives over and it will work!"
    "Same version board, just plug and play!"
    "Yes, it can be done by hot swap!"
    "Yes don't worry about that, we have plently of spares for that model"

    And my favorite;
    "We'll just rebuild your machine, will only take a minute, 'will I loose any data', no it's all backed up!"

    Good luck on remoting your PC, just what you need for those long layins, ho ho ho.

    BTW, yes you do look similar to the guy in the hangover movie now.

    Matt H

  4. Love the photos you post! I can see towers in the background.

    I've spent many a hour setting up remote access. As you've found out, it's a real pain when the compare is already "remote". It's even more fun when you throw connecting Mac -> PC and PC ->Mac in the mix.

  5. : s/compare/computer