Saturday, 15 June 2013

Saturday 15th June 2013

I woke up about three o’clock in the morning feeling much better but couldn’t sleep any more so I got a cup of soup and worked on sorting my music files. Outside was a great aurora and if it was still there when I finish my soup I will go out and photograph it. Of course it buggered off. I managed to get back to sleep about six o’clock and woke around ten and got up, did some washing, had a shower and something to eat. I actually washed this load three times as I kept forgetting about it and it would dry in the washing machine so I would restart it again and again.

I had an EME sked at two o’clock with Rob in New Zealand but we had no successes. It was a really grey windy shitty sort of day that was hard to keep warm, then I realised the heater had gone off in last night’s power outage and it was only six degrees in the room. Keldyn, Cookie, Peter L and Darron have gone to Macey hut for the weekend in the orange Hag. I bet it must be cold out there? When the power went off last night it has taken a couple of our servers out, so no file server or Intranet at the moment. I need to put a UPS on my radio PC as it had gone off in the power outage also. What else could possibly go wrong?

I was thinking about organising a trip out to Welsh Island and Béchervaise Island but the way this wind is blowing now I don't think it would be much fun. Lets see what it looks like in the morning.


  1. Hi Craig:
    Congrats on your EME success. A new item about you has been posted on the front page of in the ham radio headlines. The entry will eventually scroll off the page. Here is the article link:

  2. Craig,

    Do you have a HF operating schedule? I have never talked to Mawson, only Davis.


    Mike AB5EB

  3. Craig,

    if you can go and activate any of this islands you mention, it would be a life time chance to get them. Please let us know in advance when you will go, so that we don't miss you! Remember "EA3NT EA3NT" will call you ! :-)


    thanks by the way for the QSO and QSL already received ! Vy beautiful one!

    73 from Spain
    Christian EA3NT

  4. Hi Guy's,
    Thanks for the info Matt, word sure gets around fast.
    Mike, send me an email and we can organise a sked.
    Christian, I don't have portable equipment with me. Out in the field it's a challenge just to stay alive



  5. Hi Craig, thanks for your reply here. Actually, I took a little step and asked the IOTA award HQ about an eventual DX activation of those islands which don't even have a reference issued, and here is heir reply, which I would very much like you to read and consider :-)

    Hi Christian

    We have not given numbers to many of the potential AN groups because, at the time we did the list, we had no knowledge of islands that might count. Also the chances of activating them to the standard required to achieve the QSO target (see below) were remote.

    The two islands mentioned probably count but I might need more info about any ice shelf affecting them. Google Earth seems to show no problem but I would need confirmation that access by boat is possible (E.7.1).

    Our rules (E.2.3) require a first time operation to make at least 1000 QSOs, with one in each of 5 continents. IMHO on these remaining un-activated IOTA groups, and particularly so on remote islands in the depths of Antarctica, this would need an operation equipped to stay with life support systems for maybe two days with maybe two stations. This is a BIG requirement. The main reason for this is given in the Directory. An additional reason is that special care and attention have to be paid to safety and this requires larger teams and better preparation than you would get with one operator. We have to discourage foolhardy and dangerous operations undertaken by someone with an excess of enthusiasm who does not appreciate the conditions likely to be faced. For this reason I am glad we have this rule where Craig is concerned. If he wants to organise a properly equipped operation that has a reasonable expectation of 1000 QSOs, fine, but for a few hours on a quick trip out there with minimal life support systems and an expectation of a small QSO count, this is not sensible. It is now mid-winter in Antarctica!

    As you say, the group does not have an IOTA reference number. This would need to be assigned AFTER the island(s) have been accepted as qualifying and a notice of this published on the RSGB IOTA website and BEFORE any valid operation could take place. We would not do this until we were aware that an operation with a reasonable chance of making 1000 QSOs had been assembled and dates set.

    I appreciate that there are probably no other amateurs at Mawson Base and that supply ships are few and far between. In the circumstances, all I can suggest is that Craig investigates the possibility of one or two colleagues going with him and staying long enough (probably two days or so) to allow him to make the required number of contacts. Maybe this could be combined with some research work for the Base. This may sound bureaucratic but we would be wrong to ignore safety issues with operations from the very remotest island groups in the Directory. Please do not give Craig the idea that all he has to do is go and operate for a few hours and it would count.

    Best regards

    Roger, G3KMA


    So, if you need a team...I am sure there will be more than one wishing to go ! lol ;-)

    73 !
    Christian EA3NT

    1. Hi Craig
      Wishing you and the rest of the Mawson team all the best as you prepare for the mid-year celebrations!

  6. HI Craig,
    Happy Mid Winter Day to you and the Team at Mawson Base.
    73 Gianni I1HYW

  7. Thanks everybody for your mid winters wish's
    We had an awesome day and a HUGE night to remember forever.